Kreativ-W3rkstatt für Kunst und Technologie

W3rkH0f 9Kirch ist ein non-profit Verein für Kunst und Technologie Projekte in der Schweiz. ~ Wir begrüssen innovative, kreative Ideen, handwerklich oder digital, – kollaborieren oder setzen sie um.

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Non-Profit association statutes (excerpt):
Art. 1 In the name „W3rkH0f“ exists a non-profit, politically neutral and secular association, according to the following statutes in accordance with §66 ff. of Swiss civil law.
Art. 2 purpose of this society:
Its purpose is the promotion of digital media arts, in particular computer music, video design and multi media, publication of digital media, as well as outreach for any artistic and digital disciplines. Events and publications, as well as Think-Tanks and retreats for artists, musicians and developers, will be organized at irregular intervals. These may be hosted at a location or online..

Please contact the organizers for membership or the full version of statutes.

Bank account:

IBAN CH 33 0685 8565 2296 6267 7

Warum eigentlich W 3 rkH0f?